7 Quick & Easy Steps for Figuring Out What To Do Next When a Haircut Starts Going Wrong

Jul 25, 2020

Has this happened to you? You’re performing a haircut and somehow it starts going wrong or you lose your guide?

Maybe you were distracted, maybe you’re trying a new technique or haircut you just watched online or at an educational event and for some reason you start to get anxious that it’s not going exactly as planned.

Relax, you’ll get back on track! Here’s some helpful tips to help you…

Step 1 - Take a Deep Breath

It's important to relax and NOT show panic on your face. You can still save this without the client having any idea that anything went wrong.

Step 2 - Stop Chatting

This may be the reason things went off the rails in the first place. Stop chatting so much and FOCUS. At this point, you may want to say to your client "I really need to focus here, I'm going off the grid for a moment."

Step 3 - Go Back To Where It Was Going Right

Hopefully you started by sectioning. So... re-section the haircut. This is a way to re-trace your steps before you lost control.

Step 4 - Find Your Guidelines & Crosscheck

If you were cutting vertical layers, then check them horizontally. This will help you get your bearings and find where it went wrong.

Step 5 - Visualize How The Cut "Moves"

Maybe you're doing a cut that you’ve never done before and you've simply forgotten what comes next.

Think about how the haircut moves around the head, and which techniques you used to get the cut here in the first place.

Step 6 - Get Help

When all else fails, excuse yourself, go someplace you can look at a diagram from when you first learned the cut (these are cheat sheets - keep them in your phone ALWAYS) or if a more senior experienced stylist is free, go get some quick advice!

Step 7 - Trust Your Instincts

You've worked hard at developing your skills, now trust them. Here's where all your hours of training will pay off. 

Most importantly - make sure to keep the lesson that this experience has taught you. 

Our mistakes are usually our best teachers. Embrace the experience, and move on as a better stylist!

Remember not to beat yourself up.

*I always appreciate a stylist with enthusiasm when it comes to trying new things! But when you learn a new technique or haircut, grab a mannequin and practice, practice, practice. Nothing will give you more confidence than being well practiced! 

What do you think? Do you have any helpful tips that you've used that I haven't covered above? Let me know in the comment's below!

PS: If you've ever gotten lost while performing a Graduated bob, Long pixie, Hollywood Fingerwave or Men's disconnected cut... or you just know you are not as confident as you could be when it comes to executing them - I cover them all step by step in my new "Fearless" Online Masterclasses. 

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