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Mary Brunetti's Short Haircut Cheat Sheet

A reference guide for how to recognize and perform the 20 most common techniques used in short haircutting.

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The Short Haircut Cheat Sheet

Contains Side-by-side examples of both techniques and end results will help to train your eye so you can look at any short hairstyle and immediately understand the techniques that were used to accomplish it.

You will be able to dissect the anatomy of a short haircut and understand how to go about recreating it. By having a side by side view of each technique with how it translates to the finished look, your eye will become much more accurate and confident.

Experience the ultimate satisfaction that comes from having a go-to reference while you are practicing your recognition skills, and the relief of knowing that every time you use it you are one step closer to not needing it any more and being ready for the next step in your journey to true mastery.


  • Nape Overdirection + Elevation: Graduated Bob
  • Diagonal Forward Sections, Elongation, Overdirected: Graduated Bob
  • Lifting + Overdirection: Side of Bob Haircut
  • Lifting Side Section + Point Cutting: Bob Haircut
  • Overdirection + Tension: Bangs / Fringe
  • Face Framing
  • Round Layers
  • Slight Diagonal Layers
  • Disconnection + Lifting: Back of Head
  • Traveling Guide + Layering With Head Shape
  • Removing Weight
  • Disconnection + Lifting: Temple Area
  • Square Layers: Back of Head
  • Lifting + Overdirection of Bang/Fringe Area
  • Classic Graduation
  • Lifting + Overdirection: Side Section
  • Horizontal Overdirection + Lifting
  • Lifting + Removing Weight: Bangs / Fringe
  • Square Layers: Side Section
  • Lifting + Point Cutting Sideburn Area: Pixie