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What stylists are saying about the masterclasses.


This master class by Mary Brunetti is fabulous. I never heard of her before but the ad was enticing and decided to try it. I'm so grateful it's one of the few things I've purchased that was above my expectations. Shes very clear, good paced, the diagrams inserted as shes explaining are so helpful;she goes over everything allows for students questions which has been helpful explains even how to do the photoshoots, its interesting and informative and very professional. I also live how she shows the credits and how this whole process comes together and she breaks ups the cutting steps into different segments so you can review something before moving on.. Absolutely Excellent..thank you Mary Brunetti for sharing your talents with the rest of us..

I have been a hairstylist over 4 decades. Mary Brunnetti has shared her wonderful techniques and Artistic skills. Whether you are new to the hair industry or a veterinarian. I highly recommend her advanced education collection to everyone. Thank you Mary Brunetti for sharing your years of experience in such a short time.

I am impressed with just how adaptable the Fearless Five collections are for the day to day salon operation. The styles are consumer-friendly and executed in you can do this in a confident manner. I have been a hairstylist for over twenty-five years and now a salon owner. This collection has answered the ever-present question "how am I going to help my new and current stylist build confidence and execute style requests? Mary Brunetti Education has come to my rescue. I myself have picked up Tips and subtleties that have refined my own cutting.

I recommend this fearless bundle because its detailed from one professional to another.On so many levels you actually feel fearless once you watch the cutting technique and the explanation.I would recommend it you want to take your skill to the next level or just brush up on some of your skills.


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