Education in 'Style'

These masterclasses are specially designed to be stylish and easy to follow. No fluff, no gimmicks. Premium training for premium stylists.


Unlimited Access on All Of Your Devices So You Can Revisit Anywhere, Anytime

Your Unlimited Access to these Masterclasses ensure that you are quickly and conveniently able to revisit a step or technique in the future if you need more clarity - without having to worry about any recurring fees or costs.

With your membership this library of go-to training is always there when you need it. So you are able to be instantly transported back to the masterclass and strengthen your understanding, whether you’re in the salon, riding the subway or just hanging out in bed with your iPad.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can always extract more knowledge and skill from each second of training and demonstration, making this masterclass a one time investment that truly never stops giving back.


Your Instructor

A Celebrity Stylist, Salon Owner & Educator Who, on a Daily Basis, Trains Stylists To Be Able To Perform At Salon Speed

I have spent nearly 20 years implementing my unique training program at the Sally Hershberger salons in New York City, where I am the Director of Education.

As a result, I make sure that every second of training focuses on only the necessary techniques to accomplish these looks at true salon speed, without overcomplicated or hard to follow steps that waste time.

I'm giving you my tried and true method for understanding and executing these looks faster and more confidently than you ever have before.

Even a few minutes into these masterclasses you will be itching to book one of these looks into your chair!

And you will feel a sense of calm because you know that you are already a better stylist, and you can only imagine where you will go from there.

Mary's Full Bio

Lessons Organized by Section of The Head So You Know Where You Are

By breaking each cut/style by section, it's very easy to understand “where you are" at all times. So you have a very confident and stress-free learning experience.

You will be able to see yourself performing the steps in your mind as you are following along, and will have a deep understanding of how each move and technique affects the overall look.

That feeling of calm undergirds every minute of demonstration, freeing you to understand more deeply and feel more confident every single time you watch it.

Stylish & Entertainingly Edited With No "Fluff" To Keep Your Attention

A truly fun and enjoyable experience that keeps your attention and wastes no time so you can quickly and efficiently master these looks without feeling bored or listening to “fluffy” talk that causes you to “zone out.”

Only a few minutes into the masterclass you will realize that I have no interest in wasting even one second of time on information that doesn’t make you a better stylist.

And you will feel so relieved that this is not another long, boring, overcomplicated training that is hard to follow.

Custom Diagrams That Make It Easy To Visualize The Execution of Each Technique

The included diagrams make visualization a breeze! 

At each key step in the technique you are shown an animated diagram that really creates that "A-HA" moment in even the more complex haircuts.

It feels so re-assuring to have these diagrams as a reference, which is why they are also available to download as PDF's within each masterclass!

This makes each masterclass feel so personal and comfortable, and just makes it so much easier to maximize how much value you can get out of each second!

No class is more than 22 minutes, and the men’s cut is only 16!!!

Shot With Multiple Cameras To Allow You The Perfect View at Every Moment


You will clearly see and understand the execution of each technique and feel like you are right there, live with me - able to change viewpoints from in the audience to right over my shoulder.

This makes each masterclass feel so personal and comfortable, and just makes it so much easier to maximize how much value you can get out of each second!