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Here's What Stylists Are Saying About My Masterclasses


Stacy Bowie
Owner / Stylist
Bowie Salon & Spa, Seattle WA

Frank Gambuzza
Owner Salon Visage Knoxsville, TN
Owner Franks Barber Shops Knoxville,TN
President, Intercoiffure USA/Canada (former)

Lois Christie
Owner Christie & Co. Queens, NY
President, Intercoiffure USA/Canada (former)


Celebrity Stylist Mary Brunetti Teaches The Five
Most Popular Trending Looks in Salon's Today!

Mary Brunetti

I'm Mary Brunetti. I'm a celebrity stylist and Salon owner, and I have trained the staff in New York City’s most high profile salon, Sally Hershberger Salon, for nearly twenty years.

I have personally launched the careers of hundreds of successful stylists around the globe, and now I’ve created a completely new kind of online masterclass - the next level of education for the next level stylist.


  • Your client asks you what the hottest trends in hair are, you’ll have the answer and know how to execute them confidently!

  • You no longer fear a request for one of these looks, and you NOW look forward to them!

  • You can confidently recommend today’s hottest looks!

  • You confidently book a Hollywood wave into your chair and not into someone else’s!

  • You have 24/7 on-demand access to these to-the-point, step-by-step techniques, already broken down for you by section - accessible from any device, anywhere in the world!

“I remember being so afraid a client would show me a photo of a haircut that I couldn't figure out.”

Yes, we have all been there. We all know that feeling in our gut. And many stylists deal with it by talking the client out of it, or worse, you try it and fail and risk getting a bad reputation.

The constant fear that it will happen is almost as bad as when it does happen. It doesn’t have to be that way any more.

For these five trending haircuts, you can solve this problem today!

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No more frustration, no more fear. You will be able to perform these haircuts immediately. I will show you how, step-by-step.

"Online Hair Education Will Never Be The Same"

- Sally Hershberger

Master Today's 5 Most Requested Looks in A Matter of Days

Mary Brunetti, salon owner & director of education at Sally Hershberger Salons (NYC) has created a five-look masterclass of today’s hottest and most requested hairstyles including:

The Hollywood Wave, The Disconnected Men’s Cut, The Long Pixie, Today’s Graduated Bob & as a bonus: Mary's Finishing Techniques for Curly Hair.

You are live, on-set with Mary for an entire collection & photoshoot, where you will learn much more than just technique!

Get Instant Access - $57

Here's What Stylists Are Saying About My Masterclasses


Robin & Jamie Capilli
Stylist & Barber
Owner of KINHOUSE Salon, NYC

John Dillon & Nadin Metzger
Owner & Stylist
John Dillon Salon, Southampton NY

Dana Brook Bock
Adam Broderick Salons, CT

How To Be Fearless

When I was first starting out I felt like I was alone, always struggling to get to next level without a mentor.

Trial and error was my teacher - which didn’t always work to my advantage (or to the clients). And even in cases where it did work, the journey was long and sometimes very frightening.

So taking all of my years of being an educator - I wanted to create something that would address that fear head on: Something that could have saved me a lot of anxiety and frustration in my early days as a hairstylist.

The stylists that I’ve trained over the years start out with no fear behind the chair because of the exact type of training that is now available to you.

Now is the time! I would love to become your mentor.

"Someone Has Finally Elevated Education in Our Industry"

- Kelley Donahue | Former Editorial Director, American Salon Magazine

My Story

My experience began as a salon stylist in the early 70’s. It was a busy salon and so the first thing that I learned was “salon speed.”

Through an opportunity that came from a client that booked hairstylists on fashion shoots - I was given the opportunity to work in Manhattan styling hair for models in magazines and catalogs.

My next opportunity came about 10 years later to work as the personal hairstylist of a major celebrity on her talk show, Ricki Lake... all the while maintaining a clientele in my own salon.

From there I went on to become a platform artist/educator for one of the world’s most renown hairstylists, Trevor Sorbie. That same year, I became the first woman to be named North American Hairstylist of the Year at NAHA.

From then to now I’ve always remained on the front lines, working in the trenches not only as a salon stylist, but also a Salon Owner and the director of education in Manhattan’s hottest Salon, Sally Hershberger. 

The truth is this: because I have and still experience our industry from every perspective I truly can understand and relate to every stylist and salon owner out there.

And throughout all this time I’ve come to understand that the foundation for every breakthrough in my career as a stylist was directly linked to the confidence I had behind my chair in executing the looks that were trending at the time.

I remember how empowered I felt that first time when a client asked for a “new look” and I knew 100% that I could deliver it on the money! The feeling of accomplishment was indescribable and honestly, it still feels like that today.

Now it took a lot of trial and error to get to that point - but if someone had given me the type of training that I’ve created for you, I could have gotten there in days or weeks, rather than months and years.

Mary was the first woman ever to win North American Hairstylist of the Year!


My Bio

Here's What Stylists Are Saying About My Masterclasses


MaryAnn McCormack
Owner & Stylist
Visible Changes Chain of Salons, TX

Yiota Ariotis
Stylist, Christie & Co NY

Danielle Pfeifer
Sharon Dorram Color for Sally Hershberger NYC

Highlights From My Portfolio

Collection Breakdown

Take a closer look at the masterclasses included in this five-look bundle.

Masterclass #1 

The "Hollywood" Red Carpet Wave

Expertly achieve the red carpet’s hottest look today. This complex technique is simply broken down into easy to follow steps that you can start doing immediately. This technique is an essential staple that will be utilized for the rest of your hairstyling career.


  • Part 1: The Prep Set
  • Part 2: The Combout
  • Part 3: The Photoshoot
  • Part 4: Q&A

Masterclass #2

The Disconnected Men's Cut

Fearless men’s cutting for today’s hottest look from men. You’ll be amazed how few steps are involved to achieve this look. This is sure to become one of your go-to haircuts for men.


  • Part 1: The Sides & Back
  • Part 2: The Crown
  • Part 3: The Top
  • Part 4: Photoshoot
  • Part 5: Q&A

Masterclass #3

The Long Pixie

Today’s most requested short hair cut completely demystified in this to-the-point tutorial. Executed with a razor and explained in a way that both beginner and advanced razor cutters can follow along with. (Can also be achieved using your scissors/shears.) This look has recently become the new “classic.”


  • Part 1: Explanation
  • Part 2: The Nape Area
  • Part 3: The Back
  • Part 4: The Sides
  • Part 5: The Top
  • Part 6: The Photoshoot
  • Part 7: Q&A

Masterclass #4

Graduated Bob

A fresh approach to a long-time classic. Often misinterpreted, this look when done correctly is a game-changer; a definite head-turning look for your fashionable client of ANY age.


  • Part 1: Explanation
  • Part 2: The Back
  • Part 3: The Sides
  • Part 4: The Top
  • Part 5: The Photoshoot
  • Part 6: Q&A


Masterclass #5:

Finishing Technique for Curly Hair

A super sexy, no-fail approach to creating natural, springy curls and eliminating frizz. These techniques could be used on ANY curly haircut.



  • Part 1: Overview
  • Part 2: The Technique
  • Part 3: The Photoshoot
  • Part 4: Q&A

Here's What Stylists Are Saying About My Masterclasses


Athena Alexander
SD/SH Salon, NYC

Xena Parsons
Framesi Global Educator

Rigo Maldonado
Stylist / Colorist
Mary Brunetti Salon, West Hampton Beach, NY

Who This
Masterclass is NOT for...

  • Stylists who believe they can keep getting by with what they already know

  • Stylists who do not value education and are not willing to put in the time and practice these skills

  • Stylists who are afraid of change and unwilling to take a hard look “in the mirror.”

  • Stylists who have a closed mind and my-way-or-the-highway attitude.

  • Stylists who are “hobbyists“ and not serious about hair as a career

  • Stylists who don’t own their shortcomings

Who This
Masterclass IS for...

  • Stylists that associate and identify with outstanding quality workmanship


  • Stylists who crave knowledge and fine tuning their skills

  • Stylists who always want to be ahead of the curve

  • Stylists who want to rekindle their love for hairstyling

  • Stylists that want to be forerunners in their community

  • Stylists who are ready to know what they don’t know


What's Included

  • Five Complete Masterclasses broken down into smaller, easy-to-digest videos
  • All Styles and Cuts performed on ACTUAL people, not mannequins
  • Behind The Scenes coverage of each photo-shoot for the finished look
  • Question & Answer Segments w/Mary for Each Look
  • Downloadable PDF’s of all Diagrams used in the Masterclass
  • Unlimited, Lifetime Access
  • Early Access to New Training Products When They Are Released
  • Discounts & Special Offers on Live Events
  • Money-back Guarantee

100% Moneyback 


I am so confident in the value of this training that I’m willing to give you 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied.

Just let us know within seven days of your purchase and you will receive a full refund!

How’s that for "risk-free!"

Bundle Pricing

Fearless Bundle

Normally: $95


  • The Hollywood Wave
  • The Men's Disconnected Cut
  • The Long Pixie
  • Today's Graduated Bob
  • BONUS: Styling Technique for Curly Hair
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Premium Membership + Fearless Bundle

Normally: $244


  • 40% Lifetime Discount on All Future Masterclasses (Premium Membership)
  • The Hollywood Wave
  • The Men's Disconnected Cut
  • The Long Pixie
  • Today's Graduated Bob
  • BONUS: Styling Technique for Curly Hair
Checkout Now - $147

Graduated Bob


A fresh approach to an often misinterpreted, long-time classic.

Instant Access

The Disconnected
Men's Cut


Fearless men’s cutting for today’s hottest look from men.

Instant Access

Long Pixie


Today’s most requested short hair cut completely demystified.

Instant Access

The "Hollywood" Red Carpet Wave


Expertly achieve the red carpet’s hottest look today.

Instant Access

Finishing Technique | Curly Hair


A super sexy, no-fail approach to creating natural, springy curls and eliminating frizz.

Instant Access